Nothing stained can enter Heaven. All faults must be repaired either in this life or in the other.

Purgatory is the antechamber of Paradise; it is there that the souls purify themselves from every remainder of sin. All the venial sins and even temporal punishment for the mortal sins which have been absolved are paid up to the last cent. The purifying penalties are atrocious, as is evidenced by certain appearances of souls from purgatory.

Our Lady is the Mother of mercy of those who are in Purgatory and, as Queen of Heaven, she is also Queen of that kingdom of sorrow. Longing at the pains of those souls and hastening their entry into Heaven. She has a maternal concern for every soul, especially of Her devotees.

In one story of a privileged soul we read: The mercy of God mysteriously transported me to Purgatory, so that I would suffer to see suffering and so that I can help make amends. What a pity to contemplate the spasm of an endless group of souls! All were resigned to their state. Suddenly a great splendor lit up the dark place; the Queen of Heaven appeared to be cloaked in glory and all were lifted from their pains; it seemed that no one suffered anymore. The Madonna took a soul with Her and took the soul to Heaven. I felt great joy because I knew that soul, having assisted the person on the point of death.

As many saints teaches, the Most Holy Virgin in Her feasts frees a good number of Her devotees from Purgatory. San Pier Damiani, Doctor of the Holy Church, narrates that the night before the feast of the Assumption, a multitude of people went to the Basilica of Santa Maria in Ara Coeli, on the Campidoglio (Rome). A certain Marozia, dead for a year, was recognized by the saint. She said: On the feast of the Assumption, the Queen of Heaven descended into Purgatory and freed me and many other souls, about in number of the population of Rome.

A special gift of the Madonna to Her devotees is the Sabbath Privilege, as it was revealed at San Simone Stock. The one who benefits from this privilege will be freed from Purgatory on the first Saturday after one’s death.

The conditions are:

1)     Wear the scapular (little habit) or corresponding medal of our Lady of Carmel with devotion;

2)     Observe chastity according to one’s state in life (married/single);

3)     To recite every day some Marian prayer (holy rosary or hail marys) or a penance in honor of our Lady (abstinence from meat every Wednesday and Saturday), or can be substituted with some other good works according to the indication of the confessor or of the priest who imposes the little habit.

To those who want to honor the Virgin greatly, it is also recommended to make the “Heroic Act of Charity” in favor of the souls in purgatory, which is so dear to Mary. The meritorious satisfactions are placed in Her maternal hands, so that She may apply them to the souls of Purgatory, especially to Her devotees.

When we pray for the dead, let us always make a special mention of the devotees of Mary.


Saint Teresa of Avila, while she was preparing one day to recite the Rosary in honor of Our Lady, had a vision of Purgatory.

She saw that place of expiation in the form of a large enclosure, where souls suffered in the flames.

At the first Hail Mary of the Rosary, she saw a stream of water pouring from the above over the fire. Later one, a new jet of water appeared at each Hail Mary. Meanwhile, the souls were refreshed and would have wanted the Rosary to continue with end.

Saint Teresa then understood the great usefulness of the recitation of the Rosary.

In every family let us remember our dead; in every family there should be the practice of the daily prayer of the Holy Rosary.

A Little Spiritual Flower Offering to our Lady:

– All the good you do during the day offer it for that soul of Purgatory, who in life was much devoted to Our Lady.

Prayer to Mary:

– Requiem eternam donona eis, Domine! (Eternal Rest, grant unto them O Lord)

– Give, O Lord, eternal rest to the souls of Purgatory!

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