On Mount Calvary, Jesus, the Son of God, was agonizing. His sufferings were atrocious. To the physical punishments were added the moral ones: the ingratitude of the beneficiaries of his sufferings, the unbelief of the Jews, the insults of the Roman soldiers …

Mary, Mother of Jesus, stood at the foot of the cross and watched; She did not rant against the executioners, but prayed for them, uniting Her prayer to that of Her Son: Father, forgive them because they do not know what they are doing!

Every day the scene of Calvary is mystically repeated. Jesus Christ is the target of human wickedness; sinners seem to be competing to destroy or diminish the work of Redemption. How many blasphemies and insults to the Divinity! How many and all kinds of terrible scandals!

The great host of sinners runs towards eternal damnation. Who can wrest these souls from the claws of Satan? Only the Mercy of God, implored by Our Lady.

Mary is the refuge of sinners, She is the Mother of mercy!

Once She prayed on Calvary for the crucifiers, so now She prays incessantly for the lost wanderers.

If a mother has a severely sick child, she will turn all her care to wrest it from death; Even more does Our Lady for those ungrateful children who live in sin and are in danger of eternal death.

In 1917 the Virgin appeared in Fatima to three children; opening Her hands, a beam of light spilled out, which seemed to penetrate the earth. The children then saw in front of the feet of our Lady a great sea of ​​fire and immersed in it, are blacks and burnt figures, demons and souls in human form, resembling transparent embers, which were dragged high by the flames, then fell down like sparks in a huge fires, together with the cries of despair that horrified all.

During this scene, the visionaries then looked up at our Lady asking for help and the Virgin added: This is hell, where the souls of poor sinners end up. Recite the Rosary and add to each mystery: O My Jesus, forgive us our sins! Preserve us from the fire of hell and bring all souls to Heaven, especially those in most need of your mercy!

Moreover, Our Lady recommended to offer sacrifices for the conversion of sinners and to repeat the invocation: “Immaculate Heart of Mary, convert sinners!”

Every day there are souls who return to God with a true conversion; the Angels in Heaven celebrates a great feast when a sinner is converted, but the Madonna, Mother of repentant sinners, rejoices more immensely.

Let us cooperate in the repentance of sinners; may there be also more attention for the conversion of someone in our family. We implore Our Lady every day, especially in the Holy Rosary, calling attention to the words: “Pray for us sinners! … »


St. Gemma Galvani enjoyed the predilections of Jesus. Her great daily sufferings saved souls and she was pleased to present to her Heavenly Spouse the sinners, of which she came to know.

The conversion of a soul was close to her heart. To this end she prayed and begged Jesus to give light and strength to the sinner; but the sinners often did not convert.

One day, while Jesus appeared to her, so she said to him: “You, O Lord, love sinners; so please convert them! You know how much I have prayed for that soul! Why do you not call that sinner to conversion?”

Jesus: “I will convert this sinner, but not immediately”.

S. Gemma: “And I beg you not to delay”.

Jesus: “My daughter, you will be satisfied, but not now”.

S. Gemma: “Well, since you do not want to do this grace soon, I turn to your Mother, to the Virgin, and you will see that the sinner will be converted.”

Jesus: “This is what I was waiting for you, to ask that my Mother intervene and, since my Mother will intercede, that soul will have so much grace that it will immediately detest sin and be admitted to my friendship”.

A Little Spiritual Flower Offering to our Lady (fiorétto spirituale):

–         Offer at least three sacrifices for the conversion of the misguided sinners.

Our Little Prayer:

–         O Immaculate and Sorrowful Heart of Mary, convert sinners!