Our Lady of the Day (July 23, 1496) – Madonna of Monte Altino, Albino, Bergamo, Lombardy, Italy

The origins of the Sanctuary of Altino date back to a prodigious event that occurred on a torrid day on July 23, 1496. An inhabitant of Vall’Alta, named Quinto Foglia, was in the company of his two sons on the slopes of Mount Altino (hence the Sanctuary takes its name) intent on working in the woods. The day was muggy, the earth parched by the prolonged drought of that year; frustrated by the labors and the torrid heat, Quinto Foglia and his two little children were seized with great thirst.

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Not knowing what to do, with the children who risked dying in those woods, Quinto Foglia turned with great confidence to the Mother of Heaven so that she could help him in that very serious difficulty. The prayer was answered, Our Lady appeared and told Quinto Foglia to beat the rock in front of him with a sickle. Miraculously a gush of spring water burst out. The prodigious event first attracted the faithful of the surroundings and then gradually spread to all neighboring countries up to the borders of the Bergamo diocese.

In the aftermath of the miracle, the inhabitants of Vall’Alta began the construction of a small chapel which, gradually over the years and consequently of the influx of devotees, was enlarged and modified. Eighty years later the chapel had already been incorporated substantially into a new building; and this remained until the 1800s.

Over the centuries, the Sanctuary of the Blessed Virgin of Monte Altino was visited by the bishops of Bergamo and was also the subject of the visit of the delegates of Cardinal Charles Borromeo. The scene is reproduced by the statuary group of the apparition, which is the object of veneration by the faithful.

The statue of Our Lady was crowned on 23 July 1919 by Bishop Luigi Merelli. The Sanctuary was consecrated by Bishop Adriano Bernareggi on April 27, 1935.


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