Mary of the Day (Aprile 21) – Our Lady of the Slap (Vercelli – Piedmont, Northern Italy)

The ancient statue of our Lady of the thirteenth century is made from a single piece of white marble. On the left cheek, she has a large livid stain, as if she had received a strong slap. An ancient tradition states that in 1200 a certain drinker and scandalous blasphemer, being left without the possibility of satisfying his passion, with a sacrilegious gesture struck the Madonna with a strong slap on the left cheek. Afterwards, the sign remained indelible in the sacred image.


Prayer to the Madonna dello Schiaffo (Our Lady of the Slap)

O Mary, your sweet gaze of Mother leaves us confused and humiliated: the signs of violence on your face tells us our story of selfishness, they speak of our ungrateful answers to your infinite gestures of love. We need to feel the warmth of your caress, Mother: in the dark hours of our solitudes, in the dry deserts of our hiding places and especially in the last hour of our life. Make our heart meek, magnanimous our love, at the school of Your Son Jesus. Support our families and teach them the art of forgiveness: make our communities grow in welcoming and supportive respect to all: give back to the world the nostalgia of God, source of reconciliation and peace. Let us hear, O Mary, your invitation to love all men and to look at Jesus, your Son, the polar star of our earthly journey. Amen