Mary of the Day (October 8) – Our Lady of Good Remedy, Trinitarian Order

In 1197, a Sorbonne doctor of theology and newly ordained priest, Jean de Matha, saw while saying his first mass a vision of an angel with a red and blue cross on his chest and his hands on the heads of two captives. The following year, St. Jean founded a religious order dedicated to the redemption of Christians held as slaves by Moslems —  the Hospitaler Order of the Most Holy Trinity and of Captives, commonly called the Trinitarians. On their habit Jean placed the cross he had seen on the angel, and as patron he gave them Notre-Dame du Bon Remède, a popular devotion in his Provençal homeland. Now devoted largely to education and evangelization, for three centuries they raised funds and traveled from Europe into Africa to buy thousands of captives’ freedom with Our Lady’s help. A painting (right) in the Trinitarian motherhouse of Cerfroid in northern France shows Our Lady of Good Remedy giving a bag of money to St. John of Matha, while a grateful freedman and St. Felix of Valois look on. The Order celebrates her feast day on October 8.