Jesus Christ is God and man; He has two natures, the divine and the human, united in one Person. By virtue of this hypostatic union, Mary is also mysteriously related to the most holy Trinity: as the first-born Daughter of the Eternal Father, tender Mother of the incarnate Son of God and beloved Spouse of the Holy Spirit.

Jesus, King of the universe, who alone is Infinite majesty, King of kings and Lord of lords, reflects on His Mother Mary the glory and majesty and the reign of His kingship.

Jesus is omnipotent by nature; Mary, not by nature but by grace, participates in the omnipotence of the Son.

The title “Virgo potens” (powerful Virgin) expresses the power of Mary. She is depicted with the crown on Her head and the scepter in Her hand, which are the symbols of Her sovereignty When Our Lady was on this earth, She gave us an example of Her power and precisely at the wedding of Cana. Jesus was at the beginning of public life, He had not yet performed any miracles and did not intend to do so, since the hour had not yet come. Mary expounded Her desire and Jesus rose from the table, ordered the servants to fill the containers with water and immediately the miracle of the change of water into a fine wine took place.

Now that Our Lady is in the state of glory in Heaven, She exerts Her power on a larger scale. All the treasures of grace which God bestows passes through Her hands. Both the Celestial Court and humanity, after that to God, praises the Queen of Heaven.

Someone who wants to obtain graces from the Lord and not to turn to Mary the Dispenser of God’s gifts, is as if one wanted to fly without wings.

In all ages, humanity had experienced the power of the Mother of the Redeemer and no real believer would refuse to resort to Mary in spiritual and temporal needs. Many temples and sanctuaries are built, many of Her altars are crowded, many implores and cries in front of Her images, many fulfill their vows and sings their hymns of thanksgiving: there are those who reacquires their health of body, one who breaks the chain of sins, another who reaches a high degree of perfection …

In front of the power of Our Lady, Hell trembles, Purgatory fills with hope, every pious soul rejoices.

The justice of God, which is terrible in punishing sinners, yields to the supplications of the Virgin and bends to give mercy, and if the lightning of divine fury does not strike sinners, it is by the loving power of Mary, who holds back the hand of Her Divine Son.

So let us give thanks and blessings to the Queen of Heaven, our Mother and powerful Mediatrix!

The protection of Our Lady is experienced especially with the recitation of the Rosary.


Father Sebastiano Dal Campo, Jesuit, was sent as a slave to Africa by the Moors. In his sufferings he drew strength from the Rosary. With much faith he invoked the Queen of Heaven!

Our Lady was very much pleased at the prayer of Her son in prison that one day She appeared to him in order to console him, recommending him to take an interest in the other unhappy prisoners there. They too, She said, are my children! I would like you to try to instruct them in the faith.

The Priest replied: “But Mother, you know that they do not want to learn about Religion!” She replied: “Do not be discouraged! If you teach them to pray me with the Rosary, they will gradually become docile. I will bring you the crowns myself. Oh, how heaven is pleased with this prayer!”

After such a beautiful apparition, Father Sebastiano Dal Campo experienced so much joy and strength, and which grew more when our Lady returned to give him many crowns.

The apostolate of the recitation of the Rosary changed the heart of the slaves. The Priest was rewarded by Our Lady with many favors, one of which was this: he was lead by the hands of the Virgin and miraculously set free, and led back to his brethren.

A Little Spiritual Flower Offering to our Lady:

– Recite the morning and evening prayers and invite the others of the family to do the same.

Prayer to Mary:

– O Most Powerful Virgin, be our Advocate to our Lord Jesus!

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