Mary of the Day (July 11, 1536) – Madonna del Carmine, Combarbio di Anghiari, Arezzo, Tuscany, Italy

A 12-year-old shepherdess, Marietta Del Mazza, reported apparitions of the Virgin on July 11, 1536 and days following. When news spread through the region, along with reports of miracles attributed to the Virgin’s intercession, the bishops of Arezzo and Sansepolcro conducted an investigation and authorized a shrine at the apparition site. Completed in 1539, the sanctuary was staffed by the Franciscan order at first, then by the Carmelites until 1782. Since 1987 it has been under the jurisdiction of the local bishop. Like many contemporary works of the Florentine school, the miraculous painting shows the infant St. John the Baptist pointing to the Child Jesus. (Information from; picture of 1500s painting from  

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